I'm a strategist and a native technologist. I help companies utilise technology to grow, transform, and leverage new opportunities.




I work with companies to deliver growth that's beyond the norm. From short term revenue spikes to long term profitability, I consult with senior clients to make companies more valuable.


Strategy is at the heart of everything I do. I bring clarity and new thinking to ambitious leadership teams facing complex issues - finding solutions to problems and creating opportunities.


I utilise digital technology to transform the way companies operate. Working with management teams, I help companies embrace change, create new processes, and work smarter.


Much of what Craig did for us was logical and simple. But that’s why it worked - it certainly beat the complexity we’d ended up facing!
— CMO, Pharmaceutical
I’d never seen a hybrid quite like Craig. He’s a real rarity - a strategist, with deep technology experience, who knows how to operate.
— Managing Director, Banking
We hired Craig when we faced major change and digital disruption. He helped us find clarity, and make a plan. We’re 22% up this year.
— Chief Compliance Officer, Financial Services
Craig helped our board find growth in ways and areas of our business that we hadn’t even considered, becoming digital first.
— Chief Executive Officer, Global Retail Group