Boring data, scary privacy?

Stifle the yawns; we’re all data businesses now and the related issues confronting us are arresting, exciting and a little bit frightening.

It’s difficult for ‘data’ to shake off its dull image as a series of zeros and ones, decipherable only to geeks and specialist tech heads. But like it or not; data has become part of the news agenda as daily life increasingly generates data touch points with the organisations and brands we interact with.

"Casual, soft abuse of data is just as bad as lost data. Giving reward vouchers to buy beef when you’re a vegetarian is reckless and negligent."

Whether it is a large corporate leaking customer details or the US National Security Agency accessing search engine data hubs, data courts strong opinions from diverse sources. For organisations there are obvious and subtle risks, but there are also opportunities. It’s actually far from dull, as Craig Le Grice, Blue Rubicon’s Chief Innovation Officer, explained when he answered questions from clients at a recent seminar.

Originally published on Blue Rubicon's 'Thinking' in May 2014. Click here to read in full.