My new role at Global Blue

I'm delighted to announce that in October 2014, I will be joining Global Blue as Chief Customer Officer, responsible for product leadership across marketing services, loyalty, business intelligence and corporate marketing globally. Global Blue is the go-to expert on foreign travellers’ shopping and spending. The company makes retail transactions between merchants and their foreign customers, easier and more rewarding for everyone - working with more than 270,000 merchants and 100,000 travellers every single day, in 43 countries.

Having introduced the concept of tax free shopping over 30 years ago, Global Blue now offers a wide range of services that help consumers shop and spend wisely when they are in foreign countries, and merchants and banks increase their revenues from the lucrative traveller market.

The company’s ambition is to become the beacon for international shopping and spending across the globe.

I'm extremely excited to be joining the company at such an important point in its life.